What are we all about?

In a world that is constantly changing and divers, sometimes what we believe to unite us ends up dividing us. The Digital Age has amplified these two extremes; and we have taken a unique cultural immersion approach called: “The Human Moment.”

"If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart."

- Cesar Chavez

The missing element of face-to-face communication while sharing the same physical space, in our digital age, especially through social media has contributed to a major cultural divide, misunderstanding and isolation in society.

This divide may result in a dysfunctional society where discrimination and culture-based anthropophobia may fester our interactions and connectivity as humans.

At Culture Square, the term, human moment, refers to face-to-face communication that is real, authentic, and involves human contacts and the sharing of a physical space where knowledge, laughter and taste can remind us of what we have in common regardless our cultural differences.

What to do?

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If you want to attend an Event, all you need is key in your favorite cultural destination in the search bar and see who is hosting a traditional delicious dish near you or at the point of your destination. Send a request or accept an invite to be hosted. The whole experience will be centered around enjoying a delicious traditional dish while simultaneously facilitating a meaningful cultural exchange.

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As an Event host your role is to give your guests a glimpse of the rich culture and heritage infused in the dishes and meaningful conversations provided in a way that plants something in their souls to remember forever... so no pressure at all. This could come in the form of dinner at your house or restaurant, a family function, a cookout with friends, and many more.

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