Frequently Asked Questions

What does culture mean?

At Culture Square culture means our similarities and differences about countries of origin, races, languages, views, foods, situations, careers, music, knowledge sharing and way of life in general. You are welcome to explore these similarities and differences through one of the mediums mentioned above by meeting people matching your cultural curiosity.

What can I do to become a host on Culture Square?

First, you must reside in one of the countries or cities where Culture Square operates. Please check the countries and cities where we are currently located. Second you will need to be registered as a user. During the registration process, you will be prompted to either host or just be a guest.

Do I have to pay to be a registered user?

Yes. There are three categories of subscriptions: monthly, semi-annual, and annual rate depending on the user’s preference. This fee will allow our team to keep the site functioning optimally.

What if Culture Square is not in my city or Country and I want to become a Host or a Guest?

Please, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team by filling the contact us form. Our team will follow up with you once we become operative into your city or country.

Do I get paid when I become a Host?

Though there will be especial gifts and awards sent out to the first 10 best Hosts of the year that may include special travel ticket to best cultural event destination to shopping gift cards. We would like the whole experience on the Culture Square to be genuinely motivated by the POWER OF GIVING and sharing our life than monetary profits.

Why the Host is not paid?

Our core value is to create the Human Moment between cultures. We have a firm believe that when monetary transactions are involved between the Host and the Guest, the true essence of communality is tempered due to a feeling of entitlement and high expectations. On one side, this sentiment engulfs the Guest, while on the Host’s side acts as a burden or duty to deliver which, creates a tense atmosphere. However, when someone opens their house to host a Guest for a few hours out of sheer power of sharing their hospitality it becomes a privilege, and the Human Moment is created.

What is the difference between a Service Provider and a Host?

The Service Provider is someone or a company that provides products or solutions on-demand beyond the scope of hosting such as teaching how to cook a traditional dish, selling traditional spices, providing interpretation services, guide etc. Hosting is sharing one’s own space and time to “freely” entertain an invited Guest or Guests without him or them requesting any services than what is benevolently provided by the Host. Note that a User can play both roles as a Service provider or as the Host if more services beyond the one benevolently provided are requested by the Guest.

Does it cost to get services, products or solutions from a Service Provider?

Yes. All charges will show up on the Culture Square Platform if necessary. All bookings made on the Culture Square will reflect the final charges.

Can I pay cash or issue any form of payment directly to the Service Provider outside the Culture Square Platform?

No. Culture Square’s Terms and Conditions prohibits its Users to charge fees or issue other payment outside the total fee collected during the time of booking on the platform.

Can a Host or Guest receive any gift, monetary contribution?

Yes. An exchange of gifts and any contribution be it monetary is encouraged between Host and Guest as long as it does not infringe the Culture Square’s Terms and Conditions on booking and payment of services and products.

Is a sleep-over part of the Culture Square’s booking Event?

It all depends on the nature of the event such as camping and cultural activities that may occur after midnight (Northern Lights), however, we encourage our Guest to pay attention to the details of the Event: time and place to make sure that all preparations and precautions are taken into consideration.

Can a minor be invited alone?

Yes, only if a guardian has been notified on the event and activities involved, what is all about and a written authorization issued that allows the minor to participate in an event and its activities.

Does Culture Square provide any insurance in case of damage caused by the Guest?

Culture Square does not provide any coverage for damages caused by the Guest. Most of our guests are considered short-term guests. The Guest is responsible for the costs involved with fixing any damage they cause. However, check with your homeowner insurance provider to see what can be covered.

How can I contact customer service or support team?

You can reach the Culture Square Support Team by completing the form below...

Please, give us 24 hours for a satisfactory response.