Privacy Policy

What kinds of information does Culture Square collect?

Culture Square collects the content, communications and other information you willingly provide when you use the platform, including when you sign up for an account, create or share listings, and message or communicate with others, including reviews. Culture Square also collects events’ location that may have personal physical addresses of both Guest and Host and photos provided by Users that are essential to the accurate representation of an event, its Host and Guests.

Culture Square also collects information about transactions made on its Products. If you use its Products, or other financial transactions (such as when you make a purchase of services, we collect information about the purchase or transaction. This includes payment information, such as your credit or debit card number and other card information; other account and authentication information; including billing and shipping.

How does Culture Square use this information?

Culture Square uses the information it is provided with for the sole purpose to provide a better user experience, support its products brand, provide personalized service and improve its products. Culture Square does not sell this stored information to a third-party for advertisement purpose without its users’ approval. Culture Square does use the information it has (including your activity off its platform, such as the websites you visit and ads you see) in order to assist advertisers in promoting their products’ distribution, their ads and services to you.

Finally, Culture Square uses this information for research and innovation purposes to improve general social welfare and especially culture advancement through a phenomenon called “Human Moment.”

Culture Square’s Privacy Codes

Culture Square is a movement that is created based on giving and sharing physical space with people and cultures different to ours. Regardless of where you come from, there is someone that desires to have a taste of your origin. However, this process requires that you, the User of Culture Square is able to make the privacy choices that benefit you the most. Culture Square would want to know what information you are willing to share and which one you are not willing to. With a feedback from you, Culture Square will be in a good position to amend features that will facilitate you to better implement your privacy.

Culture Square makes sure that your privacy and personal information provided to us is secured. This include User’s accounts. As a new platform we strive to build a platform whose security features are embedded into each product. Culture Square ‘s security system will often help to remove potential threats automatically before they ever reach you.

All Culture Square’s Users possess sole ownership of the information they share on the platform. This entails that they have the right to decide what they share and who they share it with on Culture Square’s platform or other social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. They can opt to change, delete or unsubscribe all together.

Culture Square’s improvement is continuous

As a new platform, Culture Square is constantly working to develop new control tools and design them in ways that is user-friendly to enhance the overall experience. Its Research and Development section is dedicated to working with privacy professionals and regulators to better serve the Users’ needs.

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